Papers by the network

The network aims to publish white papers on the following matters:

  1. harmonization of high-quality sequencing standards and protocols for MGEs detection;
  2. definition of quality assessment of bioinformatics workflows for MGEs sequence analysis from next-generation sequencing data;
  3. definition of new sequence-based typing methods of plasmids.

Other papers by the network partners

Tracking of antibiotic resistance transfer and rapid plasmid evolution in a hospital setting by Nanopore sequencing

By Silke Peter and colleagues

WGS of 1058 Enterococcus faecium from Copenhagen, Denmark, reveals rapid clonal expansion of vancomycin-resistant clone ST80 combined with widespread dissemination of a vanA-containing plasmid and acquisition of a heterogeneous accessory genome

By Ed Feil, Henrik Westh and colleagues

The challenges of designing a benchmark strategy for bioinformatics pipelines in the identification of antimicrobial resistance determinants using next generation sequencing technologies

By John W. Rossen, Teresa Coque  and colleagues

Transfer dynamics of Tn6648, a composite integrative conjugative element generated by tandem accretion of Tn5801 and Tn6647 in Enterococcus faecalis

By Teresa Coque and colleagues

Carbapenemases on the move: it’s good to be on ICEs

by Adam Roberts and colleagues

Detection of a novel mcr-5.4 gene variant in hospital tap water by shotgun metagenomic sequencing

by Natacha Couto, John W. Rossen and colleagues

Detection of an In104-like integron carrying a blaIMP-34 gene in Enterobacter cloacae isolates co-producing IMP-34 and VIM-1

by John W. Rossen and colleagues

Heterogeneous Genetic Location of mcr-1 in Colistin-Resistant Escherichia coli Isolates from Humans and Retail Chicken Meat in Switzerland: Emergence of mcr-1-Carrying IncK2 Plasmids

by Alban Ramette and colleagues

Plasmid ATLAS: plasmid visual analytics and identification in high-throughput sequencing data

by João A. Carriço and colleagues